Norfolk is a long way away from anywhere, and if I were you, I shouldn't start from here. By the time you get to the outskirts of Cromer, any distinctions between science, beachcombing, social commentary, writing and animal husbandry have started to blur. When the process is complete, you know you've arrived at the End Of The Pier Show. So, welcome. Find somewhere to park your unicycle. Pull up a girrafe chair. Make yourself comfortable.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Lunchtime In The Snow

This lunchtime, my coauthor Crox Minima and I took Canis Croxorum and the sledge through the woods and on to the clifftops, near the lighthouse
Canis Croxorum had a great time playing snow-angels
While Crox Minima attempted the notorious black run from the highest point of the cliffs...
This run starts at the point where, in my gothic horror schlockfest By The Sea, (the ideal festive gift for all the family) the creepy Lowdley-Purring Institute stands. The lighthouse is just as it is in the book.
and the view from the top, westwards over Cromer, is terrific.


  1. Shouldn't you be at work/stuck on a train somewhere, Henry?

  2. I AM at work. That was my lunch hour. Crox Minima was off school on account of the snow and so on and so forth.

  3. Perhaps Henry had been sent out to find some arsenic-eating bacteria.

  4. ¿Than terrifying scenes hid that lighthouse?. More seem like a house with its feudal tower.