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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pulled from Right and Left

I'd draw your attention to this video posted on FB from a friend of mine, whose political views are probably antithetical to mine, depending on which way you look and whether you are travelling from left to right, right to left, or vice-versa. Speaking for myself personally, as I am, at the end of the day, someone who in the U. of K. is unashamedly a right-wing fiscal conservative, to the extent that Mrs Crox refers to me in company as 'Genghis', but who in the U. S. and A. would be regarded as a middling Democrat, and therefore on the far left, such that I find the Tea Party to be dribblingly insane nutcases who probably ought to be decanted into their own teapots and left to stew, I find myself, being, as I have said, on the right and left simultaneously, at once, together and at the same time, and experiencing two states, namely amused, bemused and confused. Oh heck, that's three. Er... God Bless America! That's all. I'll go away now.


  1. That video just burnt some valuable neurons.

    Nice link: an excellent highlighting of how strange American politics is and how far to the right of the UK it is...

  2. I think most people who are looking for a realistic solution to problems will take an issue with the Tea Party rethoric.... then again, I've found myself to be "conservative leftish" which almost sounds like an oxymoron...

  3. You are allowed to be in more than one state at once. It's quantum, innit? (Oops, just saw Jeff's comment. Damn.)