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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Going Woho

For those who are interested in such things (and I grant that their appeal is somewhat selective) I am keeping a blog about my musical exploits at WohoMusic, a social networking site for musicians, started by my good friends Mr and Mrs J. W. of Trimingham, and which is beginning to attract significant interest among the banging and plucking fraternity. Notwithstanding inasmuch as which that in the past week I have played three gigs - a density of musical activity hitherto unforeseen since May Week, 1986 - I have commemorated the occasion in the accustomed fashion.


  1. That good that recapture the music, Henry. But talking about music: last week came to play “Rush” to Santiago, Chile, I went with my child, the surprise is that they keep playing as good as ever, but Geddy Lee's voice is significantly decadent or maybe has matured, now have voice of "tenor".

  2. I'm glad you saw Rush. I saw them first in 1981 - and then I saw them again last year. The recent concert was spoiled because the sound system was terrible! Geddy Lee's voice has matured. When they started it was only audible to bats.

  3. Aha! for that reason there were not bats circling in the National Stadium in that night. I wondering....:)

  4. Ah, Rush... perennial Toronto favourites. They blew everyone else off the stage at "SARS-stock" a few years ago (including some little bands called the Stones and AC/DC).

    I saw them at dearly departed Maple Leaf Gardens on the "Three Red Dots" (ok, it was actually called "Hold Your Fire", whatever) tour in, um, er, probably 1987. From the fourth row, thankyewverymuch friends from TicketMaster.

    They were really not that great, truth be told. Geddy's voice was weak, as was that album. Ah well. Great band anyway.

    But - how do you find time for all of your editoring and beachcombing and such pursuits, given all these gigs?