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Monday, September 20, 2010

Signs of the Times #431

This one spotted by Cath@VWXYnot...

 a business model we'd all do well to adopt in these straitened times. I can think of several businesses in Cromer that run like this - they seem to be the ones that go on forever, whereas the more go-ahead, seemingly dynamic businesses round about go to the wall.

The second exhibit for today comes from Mr J. McQ. of Hackney, following a visit to China. The translations are quite charming.

OOFTUGs all round, I say.


  1. These are sensible measures we could include in every day life. "Forbidden Rocket Here, please don't take tinder." I mean, come on. There's multiple levels of wisdom in this statement.

    As for you, Henry, as humanity's oldest living ancestor, clearly you should always be accompanied by a parent whenever you push violently, laugh and frolic. I always knew you were an elf. You taught the trees to speak, didn't you?

  2. Ah, but as I rarely 'push violently', 'laugh' or, indeed, 'frolic', these measures are scarcely necessary.

  3. So you can't carve arbitrarily? Does that mean you can carve if you choose a specific brick using valid, logical criteria?

  4. Actually, I think it says pash violently, not push/pass. Where I'm from, to pash is to kiss passionately. I think that violent pashing should be banned in all public places, not just on the Great Wall of China.

  5. #3 is almost certainly a metaphor for the current economic crisis.