Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Signs O' The Times

Here is a picture taken by an entity who wishes to be known as Rufus T. Firefly, communicated to me (with permission) by my friend Mr D. M. of Leeds."I thought you might like this sign for your collection," said Mr. D. M., to whom I'm sure we owe our gratitude.
I'm rather fond of odd signs. I suspect that the fondness comes from a certain literal-mindedness borne out of paddling in the shallow end of the autism spectrum along with many other geeks and nerds. This sets my imagination sparking off in all sorts of unexpected directions. Here, for example, is an advertisement for a roofless house, seen in a chip shop in Roughton, Norfolk:
whereas this notice, observed in a garden centre, gives me hope that Ents still walk the Earth.
 Some remind one of golden ages that perhaps never were ...
... perhaps in mysterious realms, far away ...
 whereas others warn of clear and present dangers, closer to home ...
... and some serve as salutary reminders of one's fleshly, corporeal estate.

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