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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Present from Liverpool

Mrs Crox is a journalist. She's just back from covering the Liberal Democrat conference in Liverpool. Here's something she brought back for the kids.


  1. Henry, did you and Mrs Crox see the printed Times today (22 Sept)? There is a picture of her foot, I am sure of it. It's inside the paper, the main picture from the conference. Go see ;-) (Unfortunately you have to pay to look online so I can't post a link.)
    If it is her, nice bag, too!

  2. Hi Maxine - I saw that picture! It's not Mrs Crox, though (she's actually more of a Birkenstocks gal). It is a nice bag though!

    The article, itself, is interesting - that the LibDems are 'having to wear shoes' now that they are in power and have to be taken seriously. This is something that Mrs Crox told me, quite independently, after she got home. She's a seasoned political-conference watcher, and always liked the LibDem conference the most because it was so informal - little security, and attended by a bunch of old hippies. Now, though, she says, there is airport-style security, and the 'whiff of power' (her words) has attracted a cadre of glamorous blondes.