Friday, September 10, 2010

The Maison Des Girrafes Caption Competition #37

Imminent CATastrophe

Captions invited for this shot of imminent CATastrophe. Orders of the Unicycling Girrafe liberally largessed for captions that drag me out of my customary torpor. Here's one to start you off (HT Mrs Crox) "I'm going down with the ship, Captain".


  1. Not feeling that creative, but giving it a go anyway:

    "Is it bad that the computer is showing me this blue screen stating a fatal error has occurred?"
    "I told you iPet would have been better for cracking the security code!"

  2. Lin, this is very apt, considering that one of these kittehs has just now sat on Mrs Crox's computer, causing a Screen of Death.

  3. "Perhaps if we reverse the polarity, the fish will be ejected from the water and we can escape the wormhole while we dine."

    "Excellent work, Ensign Puss. Make it so."

  4. "Whoa! Did I just see, like, a really tiny giraffe down there?"

    "Don't be silly. Such things do not exist except in Cromer."

    "Silly? We're in Cromer! Gah!"

  5. "Hm I think I see the axolotl vomit in the bottom, or it will be the comforting Fray Bentos meat pie that throwing at the aquarium by Ecce Cromo behind two weeks ago, at the end ...... never knew that was it that. Splort...."

  6. 'comforting Fray Bentos meat pie'


  7. "I'm in the mood for axolotl 'n' chips tonight. Do you suppose they do take-away?"