Sunday, July 25, 2010

Flying Down to Rio. Nearly.

Another week, another conference. Having been in the past month to the International Palaeontological Congress in London, and Euro Evo Devo in Paris, I'm off - in a couple of hours - to the International  Congress of Vertebrate Morphology in Punta Del Este, Uruguay, whose pleasing logo is an armadillo.
roughton road I believe the weather will be chilly - South America is experiencing its coldest winter in ages, a matter that's exercising the climate-change denializers, so I shall pack a sweater. My journey will be somewhat convoluted: I shall start from my local halt, Roughton Road station (shown here at its rush-hour peak - it's normally a lot quieter than this) and travel via Norwich, London, Sao Paulo and Montivideo. It's one of those journeys for which a direct through train would have been nice, but simply to have no maintenance works or (reported) hold-ups on the London-Norwich stretch on a Sunday is something for which one should be grateful. And I can go one better than Phileas Fogg. He didn't have an iPad.


  1. But he did have a Passepartout.

  2. Henry: if you have any problems do not be afraid to call my NOKIA newest model, the number is 056-2-993341862.-

  3. Alejandro - muchos gracias.

    Brian - a passepartout could be useful for making tea and finding lost luggage. But there must be apps for that.