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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Feline Adventures at the Maison Des Girrafes

I'm sad to report the recent demise of out cat Fred, who was not quite 14 when we had to have him put down. He'd lost a third of his body weight in two months, was doubly incontinent, had lost what few marbles he'd ever had, and clearly wanted to visit his old friend Marmite at the court of Ceiling Cat.

Fred (left) and Marmite (right), in more corporeal times.

We decided (or, rather, Crox Minima 'persuaded' us) that we needed a new feline companion for our fairly recent arrival, Naughtypants (Not His Real Name).

Naughtypants (Not His Real Name)
Naughtypants (Not His Real Name), recently.

And so we followed an advert for kittehs to a house in New Orleans the Other Side of Somewhere Else, with the stated aim of getting a cat - and, explicitly, a female cat, less likely to be a piddler. Fred, for all that we loved him, was the Phantom Piddler of Old London Town, and we were looking forward to having bedding and soft furnishings that didn't smell like a tramp's trousers.

Well, you can imagine what happened next. We didn't get one girl cat - but two. Here they are. We called them Tabitha Spong (the tabby) and Electra Z (the black-and-white one).

Electra Z & Tabitha Spong

When I took them to the vet, however, I found that these adorable bundles had fleas, worms, ear-mites, eye infections - and testicles. I came home with a bag full of medicines and a nice surprise for the other Croxii. The kittehs are now called Tabby Ted and Elvis. The various infestations are now on the wane (as is my bank account - I sometimes think I should get my salary paid directly to the vet), and the kittehs - known as the 'Li'l Guys' - are as adorable as when we first saw them.


  1. Almost exactly the same thing happened to me last August. I picked up two female kittens, which the boys names Jasmine and Daisy, only to discover that Daisy was a boy - rechristened Dexter. Both were little independent ecosystems as well, supporting quite a diverse habitat on and within their furry bodies, so we took them down to the BP station for a little constructive destruction of their mini-environments.

    I keed.

  2. I should check how old The Beast is - 15 or 16 I think. He's still going strong.

    We won't be replacing him with another cat, more likely a parrot.

  3. I have another story two weeks ago I went back to Coyhaique, southern Chile and a car ran over a Chuncho (small owl), I got off the car and succeed in saving, was still alive, see the photos of Chuncho called croxowl.

  4. Ok, Ok, there are more:

    How many cats there are in this house coyhaique?

    Why croxowl one eye looks?

  5. My Dad regrets ever talking me out of becoming a vet. I know people who've spent literally tens of thousands of dollars on a pet.

    When my husband and I got our two cats (spayed and healthy from the SPCA shelter), we agreed never to spend more than $2,000 per cat. Harsh, maybe, but neither of us wants to bankrupt ourselves over a pet...

  6. p.s. Bob, my Grandma's cat lived to 19!

  7. Equestrian wisdom has it that if you want to own a horse, you must learn to write checks for $200 automatically, without looking or flinching. For my two last week it was a little more than that per horse - $471 for the immunizations and power floats. The float involves sticking a power sander into the horse's mouth to remove sharp points from the teeth, so of course it requires sedatives, which also cost $$.

  8. I have met these kittens and can confirm they feel as soft as they look in the picture. =^..^=

  9. Still in Holland, being taken care of by my sister and my parents' neighbours. I bought a ticket to pick her up in August on a Norwich-Amsterdam flight. well, I have a ticket for me, still need to buy a cat ticket, but they don't let you do that online and I hate calling customer service people.

  10. Let me know if you need transport nearer the time!