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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Videography at the Maison Des Girrafes

My readers (both of you) will no doubt be aware that Crox Minor got a Flip video camcorder for her 12th birthday a few weeks back. She's already filmed a family holiday in Paris at Easter. But this weekend just gone she fulfilled a long-standing ambition and used her Flip to make a stop-motion animation. Here it is!

It was part (believe it or not) of an English assignment - to come up with an alternative treatment for a scene from Shakespeare. Crox Minor's favourite play is A Midsummer Night's Dream: her version takes place in the Purple Flower Nightclub and Bar, where evil barman Oberon spikes the drinks of clubbers Titania and Bottom with a love potion.

Crox Minor had made the Plasticene characters ages ago, but still took most of the weekend filming. I imported the clips (each between one and two seconds long) into iMovie, trimmed them all to a standard 0.2s each (though I left a few longer ones to indicate pauses) and added stock music and sound effects under Crox Minor's direction. Needless to say we think Crox Minor has a promising future in film-making. Our next project is to do a live-action film on Cromer East Beach that'll be set to the soundtrack of P. D. Q. Bach's timeless secular cantata Iphigenia In Brooklyn...

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  1. Congratulation Phoebe and Henry, excellent work I will show it to him to my children, 11 and 13 years, also like to do this kind of movie!