Friday, May 28, 2010

Cromer for the Continent ...

We've decided - finally - where we're going for our summer vacation. After much argument, deliberation, cogitation, mastication and prestidigitation, we've decided we'll go to ...

... wait for it, wait for it ...


If the past couple of weeks are any guide, Cromer will be basking in sunshine. Here is Cromer, yesterday afternoon. Blue(ish) skies, warm golden sand, and nary a living soul within half a mile. You could hardly ask more from, say, Jamaica.
Cromer East Beach, Thurs Lunchtime

Cromer has the distinct advantage for us in that we already live there, so we'll be paying £0 for holiday accommodation, transport, pet-sitting services and so on and so forth (notwithstanding inasmuch as which, three days in Paris during the Easter Holidays has fair cleaned us out).

But wait, there's more.

We'll also be doing without airline cabin-crew disputes, volcanic outfall, terrorist outrages and all the tzores to which modern travel is heir. And even when you arrive in Thailand, say, or, as it may be, Jamaica, you might be walking into a political dispute, a drug-fuelled war zone or get eaten by sharks.

But soft: political strife is virtually unknown in Cromer; machine-gun toting drug lords have never holed themselves up on the Pier, nor, yea, in Mary Jane's Fish and Chip shop. Cromer is hardly ever witness to typhoons, hurricanes, earthquakes, or tsunamis. Cromer has as yet been unbesmirched by international jihadist outrages. The wildlife, such as it is, is generally unthreatening,

Given this background, purveyors of Luxury Holidays to Exotic Places clearly see Cromer as competition, as well they might. Here, for example, is a picture from the latest brochure from Messrs Hayes and Jarvis.

The choice, Ladies and Gentlemen, is yours. Spend a fortune and overcome all kinds of trials and hassle to get to a beautiful, deserted beach in the Caribbean, and possibly endure a lot more trials and hassle when you finally get there.

Or not.

If your choice is the first, well, you're welcome to it - there'll be even more space here in Cromer for the rest of us.


  1. Seems to be very relaxing Cromer. Is very nice.

  2. Hey, if I want the excitement of a drug-fueled war zone, I need only drive about four hours south.

    I'm stuck here for the summer, remediating students who couldn't get their acts together to pass the courses in which I teach. And then it will be time to start all over again, in mid-July. Add a few dissertation committee meetings, manuscripts to complete, and experiments for finish, and you've got yourself a staycation. Well, I do, anyway.

    At least I can be all smug and superior about my carbon footprint. ;-)

  3. Hi Christi- It's good to know notices of you and you are well.

  4. Barn Owl - doesn't sound much like a vacation to me. Will you get any opportunity for having actual time away from work? We have pencilled in two weeks in august when all the computers will be locked away (yea, even my shiny new iPad) and will deliberately treat it as holiday even though we're staying at home.

  5. Well, well, well...sorry, sorry, was a misunderstanding an so far.

    Hi Barn Owl- It's good to know notices of you and I'm very happy that your you to be very well. Has seen in Texas some Bubo- bubo, is nice?

  6. Alejandro: No worries! I haven't seen many owls lately, but rather a lot of caracaras, for some reason. A few times I've seen smaller birds chasing them.

    Cromercrox: Locking away the computers sounds like a great idea, but I'm not sure whether I'd have the discipline to do it. I suppose I could keep in touch with friends and family by phone for a week or so ... but would the iPhone be banished along with the computers? Oh noes!

    With the money and time saved with a staycation, I suppose I can work on the house and yard - I'd like to buy a few trees, and add another raised bed for more vegetables. I've had a pretty good haul of various greens from one 3'x 6' bed so far. And I will get a short vacation in November, with some grad school friends in California (Oakland area).

  7. Barn Owl: maybe must be why they are and breeding season(the small birds).

  8. ie. parents protect their chiks.