Friday, May 8, 2009

The Hunt For Gollum

At a cost of about fourpence to make and absolutely free to you to view through the magic of the internet (I watched on my iPhone, naturally) comes The Hunt For Gollum, a 40-minute micro-epic based on a few of the twiddly bits of The Lord of the Rings.
I'll say little more about the plot because anyone who hasn't read the Appendices of The Lord etc etc would be bored, and everyone else would find it completely unintelligible. Suffice it to say that it's less to do with LOTR than a kind of prequel to the Peter Jackson version, evident from the stylings, the music (which is completely original for all that it sounds like Howard Shore out-takes) and the valiant cast of Mortensen and McKellen lookalikes. Well, they must have had fun making it ... and it's something to chew over while we wait for the big-budget version from Jackson and Del Toro. Go there and see for yourself. Think of it as your birthday present. Preciousss.


  1. There are people who don't read the Appendices for The Lord of the Rings?!?

    *blink. blink blink.*

  2. These people also have another film in the works:

  3. Thanks for that, Tristram. I looked at 'Born of Hope' and I think there'll be more to it that The Hunt for Gollum. The problem with THFG is that there's - inevitably - not much of a narrative arc. Born Of Hope, being based on even less material in the Appendices to LOTR and introducing characters Tolkien had as barely more than ciphers, has the potential for a much more satisfying story.

    While we're about it, they might do some other unfilmed Tolkien. The Tale of Turin would be good - though I expect a convincing dragon might stretch the budget. The Fall of Gondolin, anyone? Luthien and Beren? The mind it boggleth. Ah! The Boggleth of Feanor!!!