Thursday, March 19, 2009


Author Nicola Griffiths alerts us to the fact that God-botherers are allegedly getting all steamed up about an inflatable Marvel-comics character called Zorilla or Marmoset or something from some obscure comic book called the Z-Men or the X-Factor or the W-Boson (I'm not too proud to admit that I'm so unhip that if it weren't for the giant shiny hexagonal nut I found in my belly button at bathtime, my bum would have fallen off years ago) which the purchaser is invited to ... puff puff puff ... inflate through what we coy Brits call The Midlands.

I say allegedly because nobody can decide if Christ Wire, for it is he, is a wind-up. Particularly as the laughably homophobic site is cleverly girt round with adverts for gay dating agencies. So it's perhaps not worth botherating with. Except to say that one wonders that if the Christian Cons are getting so worked up about a cheap toy, they plainly haven't got enough to worry about. Igor, turn the Darwinian Indoctrinometer up another few notches, there's a good chap - we have souls to save, here.

Oh, by the way, for my birthday treat next month, Mrs Cromercrox has got us tickets to see Waiting For Godot starring two blokes called Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen. I believe they might have been in a movie recently with Huge Jackboot. Note to self - turn up ear trumpet.


  1. Sounds like Mrs Cromercrox has come up trumps there. We saw that Patrick Stewart chap playing Anthony at Stratford - he was a bit good.

  2. You forgot the tip-of-the-hat to Zaphod Beeblebrox for the unhip gag.

    It's clearly a 'didn't bother to check' error - as for the Christ Wire website it's difficult to say if it really is a spoof (have you ever read any of the articles on Conservapedia ( which definitely isn't a spoof? But either way, they're not worth giving the time of day to.

    I know you despise Radio 4, Henry, but there was quite a good discussion with actor laddies from Godot on the Today prog (it also features Simon Callow and Ronald Pickup - what a cast!) - you can hear them discussing it here

  3. Ah yes, Radio 4, soon to renamed the Guardian podcast.